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Fla. Stat. § 736.0417 – Florida Statutes

Text of Fla. Stat. § 736.0417

Combination and division of trusts.—

(1) After notice to the qualified beneficiaries, a trustee may combine two or more trusts into a single trust or divide a trust into two or more separate trusts, if the result does not impair rights of any beneficiary or adversely affect achievement of the purposes of the trusts or trust, respectively.

(2) Subject to the terms of the trust, the trustee may take into consideration differences in federal tax attributes and other pertinent factors in administering the trust property of any separate account or trust, in making applicable tax elections, and in making distributions. A separate trust created by severance must be treated as a separate trust for all purposes from the date on which the severance is effective. The effective date of the severance may be retroactive to a date before the date on which the trustee exercises such power.

History of Fla. Stat. § 736.0417

Fla. Stat. § 736.0417 became law on July 1, 2007 as part of the Florida Trust Code. It has not been amended or revised since that date.

Cases Citing Fla. Stat. § 736.0417

Currently, no cases cite or reference Fla. Stat. § 736.0417.